5 Good Sex Tips To Give Her Incredible Pleasure

5 Good Sex Tips To Give Her Incredible Pleasure

Sex is an integral part of everybody’s life and is one of the most pleasurable things one can ever experience. Sex helps you relax and feel better, as it releases hormones that make you happy. Moreover, it is a form of exercise, probably the only one that can provide pleasure to you and your partner. It is a great way to relieve stress and get private moments with your girl. It has a lot of benefits that you cannot even think of. Here are some amazing tips that men should use to provide ultimate pleasure to their girl

1. Make Her Feel Comfortable.

In order to enjoy sex with your girl, it is vital to make her feel comfortable. Do not force her for anything she does not like. Also, make sure that you don’t just jump on her as soon as you see her. Take things slowly, and you will see that once your girl is comfortable, she will be in an altogether different mood. Start by giving her attention and looking in a seductive way to arouse her, then take her slowly to the bed and spice up the things. So many women feel insecure about their bodies. Let her know that she is hot and you are very much attracted to her. The best kind of intimacy you can have is when you feel totally sexually comfortable with your partner. It allows you to relax, turn your brain off, notice what’s going on, and for a lot of women, it’s the only way to orgasm. Once she is comfortable with you touching her and taking it to the next level, you should try having intercourse with her.

2. Let Her Take Charge.

Women usually are expected to be obedient and submissive to the needs of men. Because of this, many women do not experience pleasure or, for a fact, have sex. So, you need to treat her as your equal. Let her take the initiative and be in charge of what she wants and how she wants to do it. Women are equally horny and wild in bed as men, but they do not explore their wild side because of shyness or the need to satisfy men. You can get intimate and have sex with escorts in delhi to know what women look for while having sex. You will experience that they can also provide you extreme pleasure if you let them. Usually, a man is the one who undresses the girl, but for a change, let her undress you and arouse you with touching, licking, and kissing. Let your girl show or tell you what she likes in bed, and you will enjoy that a lot.

3. Have a Lot of Foreplay

Foreplay is a significant and essential part of sex. It increases arousal and helps women get ready for penetration. Foreplay would result in heightened sexual anticipation and excitement, apart from a physical readiness for the act of intercourse comfortably and satisfyingly. Foreplay includes teasing each other. You can start by slowly touching each other and then kissing and licking each other’s bodies. You can also try running your fingers through your girl’s body, and she will experience a heavenly pleasure. Once aroused, take off each other’s clothes and make each other naked. Gurgaon escorts are incredibly talented and know how to do foreplay. Men can learn some tricks by having private fun with escorts. They will tell you about all the sensitive spots on a woman’s body. Foreplay makes the vagina wet and lubricated. This, in turn, allows easy penetration and natural lubrication to help both you and your partner enjoy to the fullest. Foreplay is a great tool to add spice and zest to your sex life, and you will surely make your girl moan with pleasure.

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4. Perform Oral Sex On Her

Men love when women go down on them and give them that one thing, they desire the most, which is a blowjob. Men crave blowjobs from women. But in reality, women also expect that their man goes down on them too. They, too, equally love it when they are given the pleasure of oral sex. A lot of women do not attain orgasm just by penetrative sex. They want something more than penetration. You have to tease her first. Start by licking, blowing, and seductively touching her toes, legs, knees, inner thighs, hips, pelvis, belly button for some time before pleasuring. Men should never underestimate the art of seduction. Oral sex does not just include the use of the tongue, but also the hands; men must also try making use of their hands, for example, while you are licking her breasts, insert your fingers slowly into her vagina and make her moan and enjoy the pleasure. You can even use some toys to enhance the fun. You can tie her hands with the bed and then perform oral sex. She will go crazy and reciprocate in the same way. The more pleasure you give her, the greater the sex will be.

5. Make Use of Aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodisiacs are mood enhancers, and everyone likes to enhance the level of pleasure. There are all sorts of aphrodisiacs available like chocolates, oils, gels, and creams that can aid you to enjoy sex to the fullest. These aphrodisiacs increase sexual desire, arousal, behavior, performance, or pleasure. For example, you can put chocolate over your partner’s body and then slowly lick it all off, making both of you more intimate and closer. You can also try some gels and creams that will make you perform penetrative sex for an extended period of time and help you achieve orgasm. Some substances can help you in delaying orgasms so that you can enjoy different sex positions and get to experiment. The orgasm achieved after delaying it is ultimate, and you will feel relaxed. Many women complain that their partners cum early or their mood is not set; by using such substances, you can alleviate the pleasure of your girl.

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